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7 Reasons Why Google Would Make a Bad Boyfriend

From eSarcasm on Twitter

1. It’s constantly trying to get in other people’s pants.

With all the ladies carrying around Android devices these days, Google’s phones are cozying up to countless coozies. You can forget about monogamy.

2. Some days, it can’t even get it up.

How many times have you been left disappointed by Gmail being down? And remember, there’s no phone number you can call to get answers — even when Google goes flaccid, it never offers oral service.

3. It may have a big index, but it doesn’t always know how to use it.

We fellas may be obsessed with the size of our prize, but a big bishop isn’t always enough. Google’s got the girth, all right — its index is estimated to be in the tens of billions of sites — but half the time, you still can’t get what you need from it.

4. It doesn’t even use protection.

When you’re with Google, you always have to make sure you’re sporting your own protection. Otherwise, you never know what kind of virus you could end up contracting.

5. It only wants one thing.

Once Google’s seen your “information,” it’ll move on to its next conquest. If you think you’re going to experience the high of the courtship again, sister, you’re in for a rude awakening.

6. Even when things go well, it’s over really fast.

Let’s face it, Google’s services are famous for finishing the job in fractions of a second. Even the world’s worst minute-men can outlast that.

7. It’s obsessed with balls and manholes.

How else do you explain #8 and #12 in this list of Google interview questions?