I am a 20-something marketing professional.  I am ambidextrous.  I write, play tennis, and bat left-handed.  I bowl, throw a ball, cut scissors, do my best cartwheel, and throw my best punches right-handed.  I  love listening to music, traveling, art, photography, and gardening. I have always wished I was more creative.  I used to want to be part of the “in” crowd, but now I embrace my own weird and random qualities.  I don’t like labels, and like to believe each person is a unique individual.  I love to laugh until it hurts, even if that means laughing at myself.  I have a fabulous family, a wonderful boyfriend, and great friends who I could not live without.  I could talk to SOME of my friends for hours, but I am horrible about keeping in touch.  I feel lost without my cell phone, but cringe when I hear it ring.  I am constantly torn between the need to always be doing something and the need to be lazy!  I hope my diverse range of topics keep you interested.  Enjoy!