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As Spring slowly comes along, my mind floods with anticipation for creative projects.  I’m almost like a child with these creative ideas.  They look pretty and draw my attention very easily.  But as much as I would LOVE to be creative…..I can’t seem to make it happen.  Here are some projects on my list for Spring!

Clever Art with Paper Scraps from Better Homes and Gardens

Paint Store Art

Gather paint chips in your favorite color palette from the home center or paint store. Trim them so just the paint colors show and arrange them in a pleasing display, placing lighter colors next to darker shades and rotating the chips to fit. Use double-stick tape to hold the paint chips in place on the cardboard backing piece from the frame. Place mat on top and frame.

Display Your Papers

Show off your favorite line of papers by decoupaging them to a canvas to create do-it-yourself art. Paint the edges of the canvas to complete the look.


comeback of vhs tapes

Do you have old vhs tapes laying around and think: “What will I ever use these for”?  Trend Central’s article, VHS Rewind has some cool ideas for what to do with those old vhs covers and tapes laying around!

VHS Hard Drives

Turn that old VHS into a top secret hard drive!  Etsy shop CentennialMerchant turns old tapes into hard drives offering up to 640 GB of unique storage.

VHS Notebooks

Turn that favorite VHS cover into a chic notebook!  Etsy Shop Rock-n-Mama offers some of these notebooks.  If you have your own favorite VHS cover, it would be easy to make your own notebook by cutting the cover off, and taking it to Staples or any store that does binding (they can put the spirals for the notebook in)!


I found this stunning painting today and just had to share.  Hope you enjoy!

Artist: Francoise Nielly