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banned ikea commercial

I’m not sure why they thought this would ever be ok!


did i read that right?!

Hilarious failed advertising attempts from Fail Blog . . . . . .

Bike Seat Color - FAIL

Pet Store in Australia - FAIL

WOW! enough said....

Lost in Translation - Grocery Store in Thailand


awkward family photos

Found this hilarious site and just had to share: Awkward Family Photos – Spreading the awkwardness

One of my favs.

So, go ahead…..spread the awkwardness!  By the way, who doesn’t LOVE jazz hands?!  It’s true if you have good looking jazz hands you are pretty much the coolest.

Jazz Hands

When you've got jazz hands like this, you can afford to be a little cocky.

Yeah, it’s really live…SNL

From Ken Tucker’s Watching TV

What happens when you drop the f bomb on live TV? Watch what happened on Saturday Night Live this week!

a new twist on facebook stalking!


new iphone application

I almost spit out my drink at my computer screen while watching this spoof commercial.