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Only a few days away from the Summer season, but it feels like it is already here.  I was so excited today, I woke up early to plan a much needed day by the pool.  Like every year, my first time out in the sun I want to make sure I am getting a good tan.  So, yes, as always I ended up with a sunburn.  Not sure if I will ever learn.  I’m sure this painful sunburn will soon turn into a nice tan, but this evening I find myself searching for a home remedy for sunburn relief.  I thought I would share!

Sunburn Relief: Home Remedies

Vinegar: white or cider

Tea (yep regular ‘ol tea bags)

Dairy: milk or plain yogurt


Baking Soda

I am going to try bathing in some vinegar…..will report back on my sunburn pain level!

For more information and tips on how to use these household remedies check out this link:


I was listening to the radio during my morning routing this morning, and heard some interesting information.  According to a recent study performed by a British research company, employee productivity is at its highest at 11:33 am on Tuesday.  Since today is Tuesday, I found it fitting. . . .guess I better hurry up and get productive!!

The full article is by Lisa Johnson Mandell

The Magic Hour: 11:33 Tuesday

It makes perfect sense: Mondays are spent recovering from the weekend, catching up, and organizing the week to come. By Tuesday you’re ready to dig in and get things done, before you start losing steam. Believe it or not, the majority of the workers surveyed said that energy and enthusiasm begin to flag as soon as Wednesday.

A poll of 3,000 employees revealed that on Tuesday, 93 percent of workers mean business: They’re at their peak, organized and rarin’ to go. Efficiency and communications skills are at their apex, and workers feel fresh, competent and confident. That’s the best day to schedule productivity evaluations and important pitches with clients; not only do employees give their best presentations, but clients are more enthusiastic and receptive.

Tuesday is also the best day for staff meetings, as the energy and focus of that day bring up the best ideas. Four of 10 people said they schedule Tuesday meetings for this very reason.

On Monday, workers are busy revving themselves up, battling hangovers or exhaustion from an active weekend, catching up on gossip, answering emails and preparing for all those Tuesday meetings and presentations.

It seems a bit odd that things start to take a dip by Wednesday, but that’s what more than half of those surveyed admitted. While they take shorter breaks, including lunch, on Monday and Tuesday, by Wednesday they start lengthening their break periods. Twenty-four percent admitted that they’re already looking forward to and planning for weekend activities by hump day.

The majority of workers surveyed say they purposely plan a lighter workload for Thursday and Friday. Some say it’s because they don’t want to leave things hanging over the weekend, while others admit that they lack professional focus at the end of the week. Thirty percent of the workers surveyed say that Friday is the worst day of the week for them.

Overall, Tuesday, seems to be the favorite of both employers and employees, with performance peaking just prior to lunch. Just watch: Slackers will use this information to goof around even more during the rest of the week, but the savvy employee will use it to get a leg up on everyone else on the other days. What’s your first impulse?

fun with palindromes

I learn something new everyday.  Yesterday, I opened a forward that a coworker had sent me.  It had been sitting in my inbox for quite sometime, but in my brief moment of boredom I opened it.  I just had to share.

For those of you who don’t know what a palindrome is, the Wikipedia definition states, “A palindrome is a word, phrase, number or other sequence of units that can be read the same way in either direction (the adjustment of punctuation and spaces between words is generally permitted).

I just seem to remember learning about a palindrome in school, and then realizing I knew a girl named “Hannah”, and thought it was so cool her name was the same both forward and backward!!

Until yesterday, I was unaware that a palindrome could be a phrase.  Some popular palindrome phrases are:

“Go hang a salami, I’m a lasagna hog”

“Was it a rat I saw”

“Step on no pets”

Moving on to the original point of my post, I watched a youtube video called “Lost Generation”  Very cool!!

As Spring slowly comes along, my mind floods with anticipation for creative projects.  I’m almost like a child with these creative ideas.  They look pretty and draw my attention very easily.  But as much as I would LOVE to be creative…..I can’t seem to make it happen.  Here are some projects on my list for Spring!

Clever Art with Paper Scraps from Better Homes and Gardens

Paint Store Art

Gather paint chips in your favorite color palette from the home center or paint store. Trim them so just the paint colors show and arrange them in a pleasing display, placing lighter colors next to darker shades and rotating the chips to fit. Use double-stick tape to hold the paint chips in place on the cardboard backing piece from the frame. Place mat on top and frame.

Display Your Papers

Show off your favorite line of papers by decoupaging them to a canvas to create do-it-yourself art. Paint the edges of the canvas to complete the look.

comeback of vhs tapes

Do you have old vhs tapes laying around and think: “What will I ever use these for”?  Trend Central’s article, VHS Rewind has some cool ideas for what to do with those old vhs covers and tapes laying around!

VHS Hard Drives

Turn that old VHS into a top secret hard drive!  Etsy shop CentennialMerchant turns old tapes into hard drives offering up to 640 GB of unique storage.

VHS Notebooks

Turn that favorite VHS cover into a chic notebook!  Etsy Shop Rock-n-Mama offers some of these notebooks.  If you have your own favorite VHS cover, it would be easy to make your own notebook by cutting the cover off, and taking it to Staples or any store that does binding (they can put the spirals for the notebook in)!

i am who i am

I must say that it took me a long time….longer than I thought as a young pup… figure out who I am as a person.  I think that as another birthday approaches, and the thought of another year of life has triggered this philosophical-ish post.  Growing up, I went through a lot of stages including the ‘I want to fit in’ stage.  Now, I take it as a compliment when my mother tells lovingly tells me, “you are not the child I raised.”  Although I may have some traits she is not so fond of, I am finally proud to say “I am who I am” and I like that person!  So, enough blabbing……my thoughts on this post were triggered by one of my favorite songs from Terra Naomi.  When I heard this song a few years ago, it really brought a lot of these thoughts into perspective.

I’m not saying I’m not religious, but this article is one of my main problems with religion……..JUDGEMENT OF OTHERS!

From the Huffington Post

‘Women and Girls’ Religious Pamphlet Claims ‘Ungodly’ Dressed Women Provoke Rape

This pamphlet surfaced in Bristol, Virginia and was signed “anonymous”……..go figure.  If you are going to have such a strong opinion…..OWN IT!  This pamphlet makes the claim that women are responsible for the crime perpetrated against them because of the way they dress.  A recipient of the pamphlet was informed that, “Even though nothing is showing, you’re being ungodly.  You MAKE men want to be sinful.”

I mean, REALLY??!! If I were walking around my yard naked, I would most likely expect to be arrested for indecent exposure, but NOT raped.  This pamphlet (piece of garbage) is implying that perpetrators of rape are not to blame because they can’t control it.  That’s like saying “I raped her because she was good looking.”

Music in general makes me happy.  Listening to music at work seems to make the day go by more smoothly.  Singing in my car lifts my mood.  Even when I sing depressing songs, I feel better.  Weird, I know.  I did some digging into this occurrence, and it just so happens there are studies that show music has therapeutic benefits!

According to an article from CNN, singing, which makes you lift up your body and expand your lungs, is perfect for neurological diseases.  Definitely something to think about!  So, go ahead…..crank up that radio and sing your ‘lil heart out!

One of my favs to sing out loud!

don’t you dare smile

I often ponder various questions of life.  Some philosophical and meaningful….some less important and just because my inquiring mind wants to know.  This weekend I had to chance to look through some old photographs, and recognize a constant theme……NO SMILING.  Even in photographs of weddings, usually a happy event, people seem so somber.  So, this made me wonder why people didn’t smile in photographs long ago?  Were they unhappy?  Or was it just a difference in culture?  So, of course, I thought I would google this question and see what the internet had to say.  Here are some things I found.

From Stumblerz:

In the 1870’s having a photo taken at a studio was a special occasion. It involved dressing in your best attire. It was almost like attending Sunday Mass. The whole experience was serious and people wanted to remain stoic to retain their life in pictures. In fact, some thought it might be the only picture they would ever take! That is how serious they were! The cameras were big and so were the pictures they produced. Pictures were delicate and protected on heavy card stock. In some cases, people would have to stand and sit for so long they would be exhausted.

They would actually prop them up with metal rods put down their backs. Just think of how uncomfortable that must have been. I would not be smiling. I would be cursing! Of course, life was very different then. Even children never had smiles in pictures. What could children be upset about? People had to work very hard just to make ends meat. Times were tough and so were the people. They suffered many hardships. Poverty, disease and poor hygiene. Not to mention war. That does not leave a lot to smile for a picture. After all smiling is a form of happiness. It can reflect contentment, joy and inner satisfaction.

People tend to smile less, as they get older. Women tend to smile more then men.   The weird part of it is that smiling can actually benefit your health and emotions. No wonder there were so much illness years ago. Even a surface smile can be better than nothing can. It will trick your brain to release those happy hormones called endorphins. Remember it takes more facial muscles to frown then to smile! It takes an amazing 35 muscles to frown and 4 to smile! If only people knew that year ago. Another reason many people did not smile was simply that they were taught not to. Pictures were taken at formal occasions and smiling was not proper etiquette. It could also be a cultural thing among certain peoples.

Just a little fun fact of the day!  Enjoy!

cigarette tea?!


Drink your cigarette, don't smoke it. What?

Creative – yes.

Clever?  – I’m not so sure.  I am a smoker, so this idea definitely intrigues me.  But I’m certain I would have a hard time putting this cigarette look-a-like in my tea cup!