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Whip It…..

Is it weird that Willow Smith’s new song, Whip My Hair, is growing on me?!!  Sad but true……..I think it’s more weird that she’s only 10!

Check it out!


i am who i am

I must say that it took me a long time….longer than I thought as a young pup… figure out who I am as a person.  I think that as another birthday approaches, and the thought of another year of life has triggered this philosophical-ish post.  Growing up, I went through a lot of stages including the ‘I want to fit in’ stage.  Now, I take it as a compliment when my mother tells lovingly tells me, “you are not the child I raised.”  Although I may have some traits she is not so fond of, I am finally proud to say “I am who I am” and I like that person!  So, enough blabbing……my thoughts on this post were triggered by one of my favorite songs from Terra Naomi.  When I heard this song a few years ago, it really brought a lot of these thoughts into perspective.

Music in general makes me happy.  Listening to music at work seems to make the day go by more smoothly.  Singing in my car lifts my mood.  Even when I sing depressing songs, I feel better.  Weird, I know.  I did some digging into this occurrence, and it just so happens there are studies that show music has therapeutic benefits!

According to an article from CNN, singing, which makes you lift up your body and expand your lungs, is perfect for neurological diseases.  Definitely something to think about!  So, go ahead…..crank up that radio and sing your ‘lil heart out!

One of my favs to sing out loud!

free (legal) music

If you download music, you probably do so on iTunes at .$0.99/song or with some other music download software (which is considered illegal)  i.e.  Limewire, BearShare, etc.  NOW, a new program has come along called FreeAllMusic, which promises to be LEGAL and FREE.  It has been described as a combination of iTunes and Hulu.  Therefore, you will pick a song to download then pick an ad (Coca Cola, etc.) you wish to view, watch it and then download your song for free.  This means the advertiser whose ad you watched will ultimately pay for the song you downloaded.

This sounds GREAT in theory, but will it work?  What do you think?

Some readers of the next great generation blog believe it sounds good in theory, but have doubts about this business model:

“Your business idea is fun, and might sound good to other 20-year-olds, but like countless dotcom ideas of yore, it doesn’t seem to make sound business sense. One, the royalty cost of supplying a song will be high, very high. Look up what iTunes has to pay, and you will understand why songs cost .99. Second, Hulu works because of serialized content (you keep coming back for more from the same supplier, ie, the maker of the show), which allows a cost to be rationalized over a longer period of time and with less risk. Music, on the other hand is a song-by-song hit business, which means people will come to your site to get different songs by different performers, which does nothing to rationalize the fixed cost of the song. Third, advertisers pay by impressions, among other things, and you will have to have a crap load of visitors to make your case to a smart advertiser. Finally, always remember that an MBA can ALWAYS make future numbers add up, always, but they almost never do.” -Reader Response

I’m with this reader….I think it looks good on paper, but am hesitant about its success.  I did sign up for the program though!!

Ms. Brown

I heard this song about 2 years ago when I lived in ATL and hadn’t been able to find it since!!  It’s GREAT!

Ms. Brown Wonderland Video Video by Ms. Brown – MySpace Video.

background music

“The real trouble with reality is that there is no background music.”

I saw this quote the other day, and I thought to myself, “how true!!”  I am an avid music lover.  I enjoy listening to a wide variety of genres, and love adding new songs/artists to my music library.  The one thing I love about music is that it is a true motivator for me.  It has the ability to put me in a good mood; it can be a true escape from reality sometimes.  Sara Bareilles is one of my favorite artists right now.  She is probably most known for Love Song, but here is what I like to sing in the car with the windows down!  Maybe I would get more done, and be in a better mood all the time if there was a song playing in my head (aka background music) all the time!!!!

I would love to hear your favorite songs or artists!

woodstock on dateline

I am very interested in music, and would have to say I pretty much enjoy a wide variety of genres.  While flipping through the channels last night I stumbled on something that caught my interest.  Dateline NBC featured a program about the original Woodstock, which I found very fascinating.

Of course, the program gave the background information on the event, but also included some other interesting facts.  One of the highlights was a seminary student who left seminary school to attend the event.  Other highlights included the shortage of food and bathroom facilities.

Additionally, one of the commercials during the program introduced a new film coming out called “Taking Woodstock”

Here are the links, check them out.  Hope you enjoy!

Woodstock on Dateline NBC

“Taking Woodstock”

Taking Woodstock

Beesonstock 2009


Minus a slight rain delay, Beesonstock was held this past Saturday.  We made it out there around 7:30 and it was pretty much in full force.  As we pulled up, we noticed we would have to carefully make our way to the parking area, which had gotten quite muddy due to the rain.  Thank goodness for 4-wheel drive!

While packing for Beesonstock, we had decided it would be a great chance to camp.  I have been so busy this summer, I haven’t had a chance to go camping.  So,  I left the job of setting up the tent to my significant other.  He did a GREAT job putting it up,  but his location choice for our tent could have been a little better!  I didn’t think much of it when he made the comment, “I think I set our tent up by a bunch of high school kids.”  We were definitely in for a surprise.

Sadly, I have come to the conclusion that I’m getting older, because we were upset that our tent was in the middle of the “after party”!  Car after car kept pulling up, and we were getting a little nervous that someone might not see our tent, and take us out.  So, we decided to sleep in our truck for the night.   The truck definitely cut down on the noise, but the night was definitely still full of interest.

From the safety of our truck, we heard the comforting “Death Metal” music being played most of the night, as well as, the various fights on the verge of breaking out.  We definitely had a great time, but I am still sore from sleeping in a truck for the night!!

One of my favorite bands was Green Lincoln.  You can check them out at:

Music Festival

I am an avid music fan and love most every kind of music.  But I live in a small town where the opportunity to attend live music venues is non-existent.  I have to travel at least two hours to see a concert.

Luckily, for the past couple of years a music festival of sorts was started, and has grown tremendously.  It was before my time to be a part of Woodstock, but as far as I’m concerned it’s pretty darn close.

It’s called Beesonstock.  Check it out at

Beesonstock 2009