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awkward family photos

Found this hilarious site and just had to share: Awkward Family Photos – Spreading the awkwardness

One of my favs.

So, go ahead…..spread the awkwardness!  By the way, who doesn’t LOVE jazz hands?!  It’s true if you have good looking jazz hands you are pretty much the coolest.

Jazz Hands

When you've got jazz hands like this, you can afford to be a little cocky.


no arms, no account!

From The Huffington Post

All Steve Valdez wanted to do was cash a check from his wife during his work break. Bank of America insisted that Mr. Valdez provide a thumbprint to verify his identity, which he was unable to do because he was born with no arms. Despite the bank teller acknowledging this, and Mr. Valdez providing two forms of photo identification, the bank still refused to cash his check.

The bank eventually called Mr. Valdez to apologize.

Click the link to The Huffington Post, and watch a video!