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Whip It…..

Is it weird that Willow Smith’s new song, Whip My Hair, is growing on me?!!  Sad but true……..I think it’s more weird that she’s only 10!

Check it out!


free (legal) music

If you download music, you probably do so on iTunes at .$0.99/song or with some other music download software (which is considered illegal)  i.e.  Limewire, BearShare, etc.  NOW, a new program has come along called FreeAllMusic, which promises to be LEGAL and FREE.  It has been described as a combination of iTunes and Hulu.  Therefore, you will pick a song to download then pick an ad (Coca Cola, etc.) you wish to view, watch it and then download your song for free.  This means the advertiser whose ad you watched will ultimately pay for the song you downloaded.

This sounds GREAT in theory, but will it work?  What do you think?

Some readers of the next great generation blog believe it sounds good in theory, but have doubts about this business model:

“Your business idea is fun, and might sound good to other 20-year-olds, but like countless dotcom ideas of yore, it doesn’t seem to make sound business sense. One, the royalty cost of supplying a song will be high, very high. Look up what iTunes has to pay, and you will understand why songs cost .99. Second, Hulu works because of serialized content (you keep coming back for more from the same supplier, ie, the maker of the show), which allows a cost to be rationalized over a longer period of time and with less risk. Music, on the other hand is a song-by-song hit business, which means people will come to your site to get different songs by different performers, which does nothing to rationalize the fixed cost of the song. Third, advertisers pay by impressions, among other things, and you will have to have a crap load of visitors to make your case to a smart advertiser. Finally, always remember that an MBA can ALWAYS make future numbers add up, always, but they almost never do.” -Reader Response

I’m with this reader….I think it looks good on paper, but am hesitant about its success.  I did sign up for the program though!!